Happy 2020 + January Freebie: weekly printable

Happy 2020 + January Freebie: weekly printable

Hello lovely, I hope you are having a great time. First of all, I would like to say happy 2020! I know it is a little bit too late, but better than never! I wish you have a wonderful, peaceful 2020. Can you believe that? it is another decade, another "beginning". How much did your life in the past 10 years? 2010 was the year that I came to Canada as an International student with a trembling heart, my first time leaving my family, my friends and my country, to be honest, that was hard. I was super shy ( I still am ), I was afraid to talk to people, scared to make friends, but then, one day, I discover the journal community and since then, I can never pull myself out of this rabbit hole ;) Having an online shop has always been my dream, in 2019, I did it. A new brand, a new shop called Faded Chronicle came to live. So I set a goal for 2020, I will try to carry more small businesses from all over the world on my shop, so you can enjoy a global journal community!


Anyway, enough for rambling, I do apologize for this "super delay" freebie update, I thought I could do this every month until I found out I am pregnant with my first baby! The first three months were rather rough, so I had to take a break from everything. But now I am slowly getting myself back together, so here we are, the first freebie in 2020! This is a printable weekly calendar which is designed and hand drawn by me. Feel free to print it out and use it as your weekly schedule! Enjoy! Let me know if you have any freebie idea, I maybe can achieve that next month! 




Personal use only.

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